Thanx Mom!

I hate to think how I'd act if I wasn't adopted. I know I'd be a drug addict and probably have 5 kids with no baby daddy's by now. Eh doesn't sound like an appealing life to me.

Thanks mom for loving your drugs more than your children and for abandoning me when I was less than a year old and my 9 year old (half)sister in an apartment for a week with no food, no money, nada! Now I live with a great mother, who loves me and gives me almost everything. XD
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Well I wouldnt say a happy life its just better in this situtaion. Ya know?

I'm happy you have a happy life! ^_^

lmao! Holz its ok we can be secret lovahs and just call ourselves mom and daughter. Wait that sounds like ****** a lil too much. nvm.<br />
<br />
XD The thought is what counts GC!

But...I'm already you can adopt me once I move out. You can take care of me and pay for all my stuff just like a real momma! It'll be awesome!!!!!

Yea everything's great now! After my mom told me the full story and showed me the video of my family I couldn't be happier I was adopted.

Who you smackin???


lol its another way to say baby. silly.

Huh? who's BeeBee

Awuh thanks beebee. But its all good now. :)

TTATT *sniff* thats so sad *pats back

Aman! :)

wow, your story is just like mine. my mother was a drug addict. i was the third child she had at age 19, i was adopted when i was 2 years old. my older brothers who are 2 years older than me were taken away from her when they were only 3 months old, and i have never been able to find them. its horrible that people like that can have kids and just not care about them at all. now i have 4 younger siblings and my mother has only 2 of them, they are all under 18 and the youngest 2 are 8 and 3 years old. she still does drugs and i dont accept her as my mother she has never done ne thing for me and i doubt she ever will. drugs are more important to her. im so glad i was adopted, it was the best thing that ever happend to me.