The Twilight Zone

well when i woke up everything was black couldnt see a thing so i just sat there for a bit then i though ive got a lighter in me pocket so i ryed it no gas but there was a spark i felt around i was encased in four walls was i in a coffin where was i. the sparks at last revealed to me that i was in a broom cupboard so next how do i get out after sparking a few more times i saw it was one of them locks that had a slash in the back another rake throughth the pockets revealed a one penny sound nice i thought as i inserted it into the the grove magic it turned and i waS  out when i got out i discovered i was in a a shallow lit wierd place there was a black man at the top top of some stairs lookin at me n smokin a *** i frooze i thought if i dont move he wont hear or see me eventually i realised it was nobody just my imagineation so i got up an had a look around there was doors wi little windows in that looked like an old hospital any wAY I saw a line on the wall so i decieded to follow it all the way up the stairs to some double like fire escape doors i pushed n low n behold they opened thank heavens then i reaLISED ID gone to a soup kitchen near traflga square where all the old winnos go i must of drank out of one of there bottles wi meths n downers in without thinking an then someone feelin guilty locked me in the broom cupboard wow was i relieved to get out off there
sunshinejudi sunshinejudi
51-55, F
4 Responses Feb 11, 2012

Well, darling Judi, wrong heading be damned, thank you for sharing. My best wishes for your continued recovery. Regardless, you are loved. xxoo

You're one tough lady to survive the awful things that have happened to you! I hope life is more peaceful for you now than it's been in the past.

It was when i was living rough on the streets in london a few mad things happened to me then but i put it under the wrong heading and i dont know how to change it it should be under being homeless or something like that

One hella of a post, what are your thoughts on all this.