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I was adopted when I was a baby, only 17 days old. My biological mother was emotionally and financially unable to provide for me, so she gave me up for adoption.

My adopted parents are...amazing. I can't imagine having better parents. They let me play sports, and take dance and music lessons. I couldn't have asked for a better childhood. 

They told me that I was adopted as soon as they thought I was old enough to understand, so it was never really an issue for me. My biological parents couldn't take care of me, so they gave me to a couple that were better suited to have a child. They explained it very simply, so even a 4 year old could understand. 

As I got older, they answered all of my questions about my biological parents as best as they could. We had a letter that my birth mom had written to me after I was born. My mom read me that letter over and over again. I still read it quite often.

They have always encouraged me to look for biological parents if I wanted to meet them. I never really cared too much, but now I would really be interested in meeting them. I have all the information about them that I can get. But I haven't been able to find them yet. Maybe one day I'll get to meet them. I have so much I want to know...
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If your having trouble locating them, find out what you were adopted through, like an adoption agency, or maybe through the county? Find any kind of paper work in regards to your adoption and maybe start there. Thats what I did, I found out I was adopted through the county and so I just went on the counties website, found there was a section for people who were adopted and clicked the link, made some phone calls and now Im in the process of locating my biological parents, it was harder for me than it sounds, my parents werent too pleased with me wanting to locate them, so I had to do this on my own. At least you have the support of your adopted family now. wish you the best of luck in your journey.

Thanks. I have gone to the government and they've given me all the information they can. I've phoned a few people, but I'm worried that my biological parents don't want to meet me...

On this type of journey you can't think like that, I know how it feels I'm going through that too. But you need to stay positive. how exactly are you locating your bio parents?

Just keep trying and believing in yourself. You seem to have a wonderful way ahead of you on your search to know more. I wish you all the luck :)