The Bond

I was adopted when i was 3 months old and i have to say that my family is the greatest. I grew up with all the things a kid could want and later on in life had the support to see the world, give back a bit, and go on to become a really good man or so i think..
I watch my brother and my mom and sometimes i see the bond they have with each other. I see it like the invisible cord that binds them together its more than love, more than family, more than anything you can gain. Its like thins special connection that comes from being born and being imprinted on that person. I love my mom with all my heart to the point that i would give my life for her but i dont feel that special bond; i dont feel that cord connecting me to her and even at the age of 27 i dont feel like im imprinted on anyone.
Sometimes i want to just say this to her but i know it would make her feel bad so i keep these feeling to myself and hope that one day i'll see that cord.

I love you mom :)
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I have took steps and talked to my parents and i can say im closer that i felt i was. somethimes all it takes in a little conversation and some starbucks

It's just a different cord. It's taken me a long time to realize that. I didn't get it from my birthmother either. We are different and have different cords.