The Start Of A New Life

i was young when i was taken from my birth mother. abused is what the courts state. and i can see it. it took 2 years to find a new family. i have been through alot but this adopted family has been there for me threw it. but i think the hardest thing was not knowing. i mean yea court papers tell you and you hear the storys from the foster care but what really happend is never there, who was she who was he. whats my future health going to look like. well reacently i have found my birth mother and that entire family. its been wierd like i have seen what my life could have been and it has made me so greatful for what i have. i question if looking and finding the birth family was the right thing to do now opening a new world. i am one of the lucky kids i didnt loose my mother in a crash or a horable death i lost her to drugs and men. but all in all though this stuff is hard and always has been a fight that i feel can never be won i guess i have to be greatful for the luck i got with the family that adopted me.c
lacyP lacyP
18-21, F
May 7, 2012