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Hi, I'm Beth.
I always knew i was adopted and also always wondered what my birth family was like imagining i could be related to popstars ect lol! As a teenager i struggled alot with the fact i was adopted wondering why me, what my mum and dad were like and and if i looked like them. Long story short i suffered severly with depression from age 13 due to different things that happened in my life. When i was 18 i started looking for my birth mum but got scared and stopped the process, aged 20 i started again and luckily found my mum quickly as well as my 1/2 sisters. My mum had a hard life and had issues with alcohol and drugs, as well as mental health issues but she was a lovely woman and she loved me and welcomed me into her life with open arms. I got into a relationship with someone she knew and 11 months after i'd met her i feel pregnant it was strange talking to her about it and all i kept thinking is how could you have gone through this and given me up? however 17 months and 3 days after i met my mum (i was 6 months pregnant) she passed away. Now the only real regret i have is not stopping looking for her when i was 18 i could have had 2 years more knowing her. I'm grateful that i met her although we did have differences and didnt always get on but i got what i needed from the experience i got answers for some of things i needed to know. I just want to let people know if u wanna meet your birth parents dont get scared and not follow through cuz had i not have braved it i may never have met my birth mother and would still be wondering now xxx
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Regrets are a dime a dozen in the adoption arena; don't waste your time. I am so glad that you had the time you had with your mom! As for all the answers...speaking as one who has searched and found also, I don't think we ever get all of the answers.

Im on my journey now for the third time, in my life. Like you I have to find her there is a need inside of me, that just hasnt gone away.<br />
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Im so glad some time with ur birth mother, before she pasted away, I hope im as lucky as you, even if it is for a short time.

Keep looking, and it will happen. It is a matter of strength, patience, and heart. Best wishes!