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I Need Advice...

Okay. Soo.. I have been searching for my birthmother on my own for quite a long time. I didn't want anybody to know because I didn't want to hurt any of my family member's feelings. I Googled her name, searched her on facebook, I even went to the website of the hospital that I was born in. I used to look every once in a while, but lately it's become an everyday thing. Today, I searched all of the people on Facebook that I thought she might be friends with. Her brothers, aunts, uncles, even her dad. Nothing came up. As usual. I saw an add for a wesite that said "Are you looking for a long lost family member? Click here to find out how you can find them!" I have clicked on adds like this multiple times. It always costs money or just isn't helpful. I typed it the name that was so familiar. There were 32 results. I scrolled down and saw that there were lists of family members of the person you searched for under their name. On of these names had all of the names under it that I had searched on Facebook. "I found her!" I thought... I clicked on her name only to find out to see more, I had to pay with a credit card.. Which I don't own.. Her last name had changed, so I decided to search this new name on Facebook now. Two results popped up. I knew she had three kids, so I clicked on the one with three kids in the profile picture. They all had red hair like me. They all had one ear that sticks out a little farther than the other, like me. It was her. The teenage girl holding me on the front page of my baby book, all grown up. I had found her. i moved the mouse over to the "Add Friend" button. But I can't click it. I'm scared to get rejected again. It would hurt worst the second time. What if she didn't want me to find her.. She had all this time to find me.. She knew my name and everything... In two years, I graduate highschool. I want her there. At my graduation. With my three little siblings. But that can only happen if she wants that too.. And i'm scared she won't...
TeenageDreamer32 TeenageDreamer32 16-17, F 1 Response Jun 18, 2012

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say to a friend to add her as a friend and watch where does she live, then go to her home.