Third Time Is The Charm...

I was placed for adoption when i was 14months old. When i was six I was placed again....I know...the first family adopted me but found years later that they couldnt care for me. So I went to my third and final family. They are awesome. I love them and most important, they love me. I had the opportunity to reconnect with the 1st adoptive family last year. After twenty four years I was able to get closure and learn why they gave me away. That was good.I also met my birth mother..things went well the first month but then all hell broke loose and i was rejected......rejected for my religion, way of thinking.....its been hard. But i have learned it doesn't matter where you come from all that matters is where you choose to go. :)
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1 Response Jun 18, 2012

My journey has taken twists and turns like yours, and I couldn't agree with you more! The message at the end is our life lesson: we take the best from all that we are given, reject the rest, and choose our own path from there! Warm thoughts and best wishes!