It Was a Planned Adoption

my  mother worked with my bio . mother at a dry cleaneing company ... she was married and had three other children the youngest being 17 when i was born .. Apparently she'd had an affair or something and here i came along she had to hide her pregnancy with me from her husband for sometime .. she would wear tight  pants and drink large quantitiies of coffee  ( so thats where i get it  lol ) and she drank alcohol when she was pregnant with me .. when i was born i weighed 2 lbs and 3 oz they kept me in the hospital for 72 days after i was born .  i do talk to my bio. mother from time to time just not very often she gave me a name as to who my father might be but my mom says she is wrong .. i have no traits of this man but of another man who worked at elder beerman .. none of it really matters to me now ... i used to have a complex about it but ive seen how much my family loves me  and i am so grateful that God sent me to this family
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If it makes a difference my husband and I never had kids due to unexplained infertility. Your bio mom sounds like quite the lady...she did a lot of things wrong...but you are one of the lucky ones to have made it into this world and I'm glad you were born as a gift to a loving family.<br />
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My brother has a 2yr old with an alcoholic wife and he's quite the guy himself. The wife drank like a fish throughout the pregnancy far my nephew seems very high functioning with his abilities and his facial features arent' presenting we'll see. When I see him born to such crappy parents I often wonder why I was left out of having a baby club & they have him. I won't get involved though everybody seems to turn to me like I'm some sort of answer to the childs prayers. I probably would have stepped in if they were going to give him up at birth...but's a total gong - show!! I can't see my nephew doing ok later on's a tragedy as he's just a lovely child (thanks to grandma - who's tireder than heck & really too old for all for this).<br />
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I think from being a nonmother & having friends that have also met their adoptive families..most find that it's interesting and fulfilling to meet them..but that's as far as it goes. Most find their born to them families are where their hearts are. I would never have a problem if i had an adoptive child want to meet their birth families, I would get involved and watch out for my kid.<br />
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Glad that you met your bio-mom and that you have a great family!