You Say What Now?!?

Hello! My name is Sophia. I am 17 years old. Okay so where do I start. Oh, well my biological parents passed away when I was just 2 years old. I was adopted by one of my mother's very close friends. Let's just say my childhood wasn't really what one would call Candyland! I had three older brothers so I was the only girl and the youngest. From what I mostly remember, which was bad memories, I was a "bad child" as what most people thought of me. I was blamed a lot for things I didn't do. When I said I didn't do it, no one would believe me. My mom cut my hair when I was little because she thought I would take a razor myself, and physically cut my hair, at least that was what she would tell everybody. Once again I told her that I didn't do it, but once again and time after time, she never believed me. So one day she shaved my hair OFF! I had to go to school looking like a boy everyday. But there were a couple nice people in this world I thought. My teachers would say that I look so pretty and even the cross guard lady said it. But I still got teased at school and on top of that, I have big lips, so that was another complication I suffered from growing up. So lets just skip down to the part when I found out I was adopted shall we?? We were living in Marietta, Georgia at the time. I believe I was 9 going on 10 or just turned 10. I came home from school one day and my mom came in my room and said we needed to talk. Boy, so many things ran through my head at that moment, trying to figure out if I did anything bad. She sat on my bed and she showed me this funeral program. It was a picture of this lady. My mom told me to read her name. It said Sylvia Lynn Stepney. Well Lynn is my middle name so of course I pointed that out. So she told me to read the inside and when I had read down to the children of this "mystery lady" I saw my name. I looked up at my mommy and she told me, and these were exact words, "That is your mommy!" I looked at her like "what you talking bout Willis?" she said she adopted me when I was young. People ask me when I tell this story. How did you feel? Were you angry? Sad? Happy? i always tell them I don't know. Now that I think about it. I still dont know! LOL! Just Kidding. I was happy that I FINALLY had sisters, but I was mostly shocked and surprised. But I'll never forget that day! I don't live with my mom anymore because of some diffrences we had but none of that matters! I love her and always will. And we still keep in contact anyway! But that is how I found out I Was Adopted.
PurppleSlurrpee PurppleSlurrpee
18-21, F
Dec 1, 2012