Raised By My Grandparents Form America

So, my father was in the army stationed in Seoul, Korea. Apparently they thought it was a good idea to bring a baby that they already had on board along with herself to Springfield, Missouri. (Home of Brad Pitt...s.....brother) hes got a charity thing going on at Springfield 8 but anyways...they had my oldest brother Ronnie who was born in 1984, my brother Benjamin in 1988, and at last me Leigh-Ann at the year 1990. Apparently the English and Korean were mixing up both my mother and fathers side of the family which eventually led to them splitting up. Anyways, my father got a girlfriend as well and my mom (whom I'm currently living with) got one and both eventually got married to both of these people. I've just turned 22 after the estate sale that had to happen in order for my grandmother to get to feeling well who now doesn't live with me, also having my grandfather being deceased on top of that. Through the process of them getting married, I was legally adopted at the age of 6 by my grandparents and we had immediately left Springfield, Missouri to go to live a happy life in Brownsville, TX. Now that I'm 22, I'm trying to cope with the fact that I still have my parents which are both not married by the way. Divorcees actually. It drives me crazy and I just want to be able to meet someone around my age or even talk to someone about all this ****. How about jobs? Does it always stay that way;having to be adopted by a company? And what should I be looking for to make me happy?
lingling7 lingling7
Dec 11, 2012