How Can I Help Myself And Heal From Not Knowing My Biological Father?

I was adopted. I've had great adopted parents and know my birth mom and birth siblings. I still have more biological family members to meet. I have great families. The only thing that still brings some pain (which is slowly healing) is that no one knows who my biological father is. I have partially accepted this. It's been difficult though. How can I fully accept this? The only thing I know for sure about him is that he helped create me.

What can I do to heal from not knowing my biological father? I'd like to know some tips so I can continue to heal and thrive. I don't want this mystery to drag me down someday, which is what I fear will happen. Who is out there that is willing to share how they have helped themselves heal?
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

I'm adopted. I know who my birth mother is. I have a long distance relationship with my 2 brothers, who didn't get adopted. They live in a different state. Our mother passed away several years ago. She said my dad was the same as theirs, but they look hispanic like her & I have her features but my skin is white as a ghost & my eyes are green, not brown like theirs. I will never know who my biological father is or was. If I worried about it, it would just drive me nuts. In truth, it's not super-mega important. Aside from knowing family medical history from him, there is absolutely no reason to know. Nothing, absolutely nothing, in my life would change if I knew who he was. Be thankful for the extended, large family you have. If you find out who your dad is, then great. But don't let something you can't control make you miserable or steal your joy in life.