35 Years Later...

I'm 35 years old. I was adopted at around 9 months old by my biologal father's older sister and her husband. They are great people. They had three teenagers at the time and were not looking for a baby. My biological father and biological mother were idiots who liked drinking and drugs and did not care much for responsibility. Rumor has it they considered abortion. Rumor also has it my grandma talked them out of it. They kept me for a while. I was poorly taken care of until they decided to give me up. Again, grandma saved the day. She called her oldest daughter and offered a baby. They accepted. That day. There was not time to think. Their lives changed in a matter of hours and they took on a huge responsibility. I was told I was adopted when I was 8. It was shocking but I accepted it. I had a great childhood. Not once have I had the desire to find and meet my biological mother. Not even for half a second. My biological father is my (adoptive) mom's younger brother so I have been seeing him my whole life (he is my uncle). He and I have never once even come close to discussing the adoption or anything related to it. We don't really say much to eachother and never have.

So the Saturday after Thanksgiving 2012 I got a message via social media from my cousin. I have to explain, she is one of my biological father's daughters. He is married with two daughters. (He was also married before me and has a son from that marriage who I do consider my half-brother. To explain why would be complicated.) My cousin's message said I needed to call her dad (my biological father) as soon as possible and that it was very important. She included the phone number. My heart started racing because I knew it was one of two things: he was sick and needed a kidney OR my biological mother had contacted him and SHE needed a kidney. I didn't want to call. I called my mom and told her. I called my boyfriend. I finally called my uncle's house. His wife answered and told me they had to see me in person to tell me something and it couldn't wait. Now. It was nearly 7pm and I don't really go out at night. I am divorced with an 8 year old daughter and we stay home mostly. I took my daughter to my parents' house and went to my uncle's house. My boyfriend met me and went in with me. My aunt sat at the table with us while my uncle (biological father) paced the floor. My aunt was blunt about what she needed to say. My biological mother had found their number and called to tell them she was very sick with a couple of different diseases and these things can be inherited and I should go get tested. I nearly fell out of my chair. 35 years later she comes out of no where with this. Her married name and phone number, along with the diseases and medication she is on were written on a piece of paper my aunt gave me.

I have an appointment with a doctor for tomorrow to start the process of getting tested. I will never call the number on the paper and I hope she never gets my number and calls me.
Jessica1757 Jessica1757
31-35, F
Jan 7, 2013