Don't Like Being Adopted!

Im 18. I was adopted when I was a baby. Never knew my birth parents. Don't know anything about them, except that my mom was on drugs supposedly. I struggle with being adopted because I'm African American and was adopted into a white family. People say color doesn't matter.. And I know that's true but it dose matter in some cases. Black and white people are just different in many ways... Like how they take care of their hair, skin, ect. ect. My black friends say I'm not black. They say I act "white" and that I'm just a white girl in a black body. My white friends say this also, ive been hearing it for my whole life. It really hurts my feelings to the point where i get depresses about it. I tell my parents how I feel but they just don't understand. I wish I had a African American women in my life I could have as a role model, just to teach me more about the history of African Americans and what it's like being a true black women. I don't feel truly "black". Is there anyone else out there who feels this way too? Or has has the same experience?
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There are also meet-up groups in some areas. My best friend (who's white) adopted an African-American girl (who's perfect!). Her daughter is 5 now and NOTICES EVERYTHING. She's such a smart cookie, you can see her picking her words carefully to be factual without trying to hurt her mom's feelings. My best friend and her husband are the BEST parents you can imagine and there's so much love in that little 3-some but I can already see the painful questions starting. Ooof. Any words of advice? Things you might have wanted your white parents to know? Anything they could have helped you with if you could just have communicated with them? Thanks.

Omg I have the same experience. Im 23. I was adopted when I was 10 because it was so hard for them to adopt me because of the race issue. I have been made fun of and even beaten up because I didn't act "black enough" I didn't fit in with the white kids or the black kids it sucks. Im greatful cause my situation could have been worse and I love my family but they dont know what I went throught it really breaks you down as your growing up. Its easier now Im kind of starting to know myself and accept myself instead of trying to be something that others wanted me to be. I am in contact with my birth family for the past 6 years It hasn't been easy cause I still feel like an outcast even with them cause I act "white" I ****** hate wen they say that. And my adopted family is mad that I am in contact with them its easier now then it was when I first got in contact though. I never had anyone to identify with even my best friends.Maybe we can talk. take care. Dee

why dont you post a free message on the message boards and try and trace your birth family members