I Was Adopted By These Creatur...

I was adopted by these creatures called humans on the planet earth.  I didn't ask to come here but here I am. 
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ah so you were on of the lucky ones!!! you wee hand picked! My kids were too! :) Yeah my kids think IM THE ALIEN!<br />

It's all very well making a statement such as yours, but to then not mention why you feel thus, is not very helpful for other adoptees who also fall under the same-ish banner i.e creatures adopting.The two i unfortunately was given to even had the front to actually lay hands on me(as these evangelical mis-fits call it?)to get the demons and evilness out of me(This was in the seventies not the Tudors!)and now that i'm all grown up and got my own family etc,guess what...?they've diss-owned me instead of having to face me and my honesty,they both live about fifty miles from me but the last time i visited them if my adopted father thought he'd have got away with it etc,he'd have punched me he was so angry that i would'nt show gratefulness for things he'd only professed to have done and the saddest bit about it all is...everybody knew back then that things wer'nt right between me and them etc and that my behaviour was a consequence of thiers towards me but...not one family member then, or now, has ever taken my side,even though many aunt/uncle now says to me "remember the time your mum did...?"or "remember..?but nobody has ever gone from my so-called adopted family and approched so-called adopted parents and just asked them-"Why did you both adopt?",no, the ones that know i've been cut-off, have chosen to ignore that they've actually witnessed in the past themselves and Just joined in and chose to pretend that i am and have done ,what ever those two wicked creatures decide to say...as i'm power-less, as bar actually turning up on there door-step and dragging em both out of there little fort/castle shaking em both up and down and round and round untill they actually apoligise to me...what the f--k can i do?,i'd love to be able to take them both to a court and make them explain why they had to get demons out of me etc,i remember my adopted mother once claimed to me and her co-acussed dreg of an husband seeing them in me while gripping my sweaty little head in her claws telling "Satan etc to get out of me("i never felt a thing???)i'd love things to have been different but they ain't and i'd love to be at heavens gate when them two turn up looking to be rewarded for all the christiany things they did while on earth and expecting maxmum points etc...They may be able to fool some people but if GOD is really the same GOD that they threatened me with for years,then they won't fool that GOD cus if i thought they could ,then that would also be my faith and my God up the creek to!!!

No. You're not f-ed up. I'm the same way. But I thought you meant you were scared of your family.

hmmmm...I think I have developed a self-protection mechanism where I use the fear of people to protect myself from being hurt. I avoid situations in which I could be taken advantage of and that encompasses a large percentage of total human interactions. Meaning I've become socially isolated. I think I've tricked myself into being afraid of people so that I don't get hurt. F-ed up huh?

And why do they scare you???

Well I have mixed feelings about being adopted by these humans. In one way I really love them all but in other ways they scare the hell outta me. It's a mixed blessing for sure. I like watching people in general and really don't mind being watched much. I just have problems sometimes with the whole interacting thing LOL

How do you feel about being adopted? And I too distance myself from people. Crowds scare the heck out of me. I like to watch people from a distance but don't like to be watched. Strange huh?

A little bit of both....I really like to distance myself from people to some extent...they are my study actually so it's best not to get too involved so I can have a clearer picture of what's really going on...that intellectual distance if you will.....

That's a cute way of putting it I thought. It almost sounds like they are your pets in a way. Reminds me of the mice in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy... are you experimenting on them or are they experimenting on you?

Pretty good at the moment but it varies from day to day.

Ah, the creatures are sometimes nice but can be sketchy sometimes as well. I'm not complaining. I just find it interesting in an existential way. That we are all here seemingly for nothing to do with free will, that thing that we are so proud to have.

Have the creatures not been nice? No child asks to be where they are, but that's what they get. Doesn't matter who the parents are.