I'm Glad I Was Adopted

I was adopted as a newborn.. my birth parents.. who knew.. and seriously I don't care to know.
The couple who adopted me had 2 natural sons that both died of Leukemia, one at age 8 and the other at 15.. very sad.. :(  They adopted 2 children before the boys died.  A few years later, my dad was walking down the street and met the family doctor.. they chatted and dad agreed to something.
A couple weeks later while getting ready for a New Years openhouse, my dad got a phone call saying 'that package is ready'.. so leaving mom to fend for the party..not telling her a word, he left and returned a couple hours later, ringing the doorbell.. The house was full and lively, Mom answered the door and there was Dad with me in his arms, 5 days old.. Mom didn't have any idea what dad had planned.. Not a bit of baby furniture or diaper in the house, I was told I slept in a drawer they removed from a dresser for a couple days til the stores opened up.. Now that must of been interesting.. :)
They were the best parents I could of asked for. Sorry to say they are both gone now, Mom was 45 and Dad 47 when they brought me home.. and I'm 47 now and couldn't imagine a newborn at this age~!!
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my parents refuse to see me but they're still alive

i was adopted too :)

That's so sweet, I'm glad they took care of you!
I love the bit about sleeping in a drawer :D

that is beautiful,,, planning on adopting my own babies someday if god wills... :) i hope that i can make a change in my childrens lives someday same as how your parents were such angels with you.. <3 <3 praise the lord

I'm glad you have such a positive view on your own adoption. People here seem to have a very negative view and it is really rather sad. Thank you for this it made me feel better about my own in this crazy world.

very nice.

what a beautiful story! Their love made your life truly special. Thanks for sharing

Lovely, made me smile (:

a beautiful story! Many thanks for sharing it.