Longing to Find My Birth Mom

I was adopted as a baby, and I never knew my birth parents.  It was a closed adoption so it will be hard for me to find them.  I do plan on searching for my birth mom though, I just don't know where to start =(  If anyone could give me tips that would be great!  I don't know the name of the agency or her name, all I know is where I was born and..haha the date =p.
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2 Responses Jul 7, 2007

Since you know the hospital I'd say start there, contact a Social Worker who works out of the hospital, probably for the Pediatric dept. I've read how Dr's themselves sometimes arranged adoptions, back in the day. Or maybe that hospital used only certain agencies during certain time periods. Even if no one at the hospital can give you any information they should be able to tell you what direction to put your search in. <br />
Good luck!!!

Good luck with your searching. I found my b.mother about 10 years ago. I found her because I knew where she was from and found her in a yearbook from her high school. Had to work around the children's services people in my area. Everybody's situation is so different, and each state is different in how records are handled. I wish you the best. Meeting my B-parents has been one of the most revealing experiences of my life, but be prepared, as you can find the best and worst of situations.