My Life Store to Be Coninued

I was born in Guatemala, Mazatenango (central america). I have been informed of my adoption ever sence I could remember. When I was born I was handed over to foster parents. I had spent 4 months with them in Guatemala. It was then when  the ppl who were to adopt me had came to bring me home to Canada. I had been adopted around the same time Lisa and Austin had been brought to Orangeville, Canada aswell we had become buddies from they day we meet our parent all had somthing incomin they had "Us" It came to an end when I was about to turn 6 years old my adopted father had hit financial issues. My Family had to move 500 km away to Ottawa where my adopted mother's father lived. My mom hadnt seen or heard from her Biological father in 26 years it was a very special time in her life to be reunited with her dad. I turned out to be Hell for me, we lived in a small town an hour away from down town Ottawa.  had started school there and hated it, I was bullyed Severely! All because I was different  I had dark hair,eyes and skin. I faced the bullying until I reached Grade 7  it was then when my School didnt want to hear anymore about it and go on acting like everything was fine and dandy which it Wasnt. My mom had made up her mind and took me out of school and went forward and HomeSchooled me for almost a year. I was ready to face my classmates again in highschool. It got a bit better because there were 3 colored people in highschool counting myself.

What I left out about my store is sure I was bullyed buh only for so long am I going to let it happen with out a fight. I became agressive, I wasnt afraid I would stand my gorund in all situations! I was sent to mental therapy  . 
They couldnt figure out why I was asking in such away, it took a while buh it came out i had told my mom i had been sexual abused by my father who had adopted me.

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18-21, F
Jul 11, 2007