Thank God. ...

Thank God. I love my (biological) parents.
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Sorry this is crap, there is no god, there is no silly person who stands in judgment of us. We are able to make our own choices and god has nothing to do with it.

If you have to have a crutch then what better than an imaginary friend that can not be proved, but can be blamed for anything good.

I was adopted and if it was his will, then he is the cruelest person I in existence as my adoptive parents abused me, verbally, emotionally, and physically every day from my adoption at 6 until I left home at 16. This was gods will, what a load of rubbish.

Get your heads out of the clouds and take responsibility for your actions and make those that put you up for adoption responsible. I don't love my birth parent because I don't know them, But I have love for them as human beings that must have gone through something and for that I feel there pain.

Take responsibility

Thanks Thankfulpeach. The Biblical quote is right on the mark. My birth mother's parents did not want her to bring me home. They said that I had "bad blood". I was raised by God-fearing parents and I would not be the blessed and highly favoured woman that I am if God would not have intervened and turned it all around for my good. I met my birth mother for the first time 3 years ago. I was 37 at the time. I thank God that I know my adoptive parents and my birth mother.

As an adopted person, I wouldn't have understood your comment a few years ago. Now I do. Adoption is always ba<x>sed on profound loss. God's perfect will would not include adoption as it is practiced today, because every mother and child would never be separated. Thank God you love your biological parents...whatever that story entails. <br />
Thank God I know my biological parents now and love them. Adoptees have a complex life journey. <br />
I love the quote from Joseph in the Bible when he is reunited with his birth family...He said "What the enemy meant for evil, God has turned for good." That comforts me because he didn't say that it was God's will for him to be separated from his family for so long, it was an act of the enemy, yet God was able to reunite them and bring good out of bad...<br />

Why are you saying it here, to mock us that didn't have and were adopted?

Why thank god? Are there problems elsewhere and this is a sanctuary for you?<br />
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Define love?<br />
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I love mine too - they aren't together. I have an 'honest' relationship with one (13 years now!) the other is too distant in time, space and emotionaly- Nigeria, wasnt told about me for 4 years after I was gone.<br />
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But I love them, just not in a way that fluffs me or them up

Good cause it can suck to be adopted.