I Turned Into a Real Girl :)

I was born in America but I was raised in Australia. When I was born I had a lot of medical problems. I had to have 24/7 care fortunately there was a nurse who worked at the hospital I was at. She was a foster mother at the time as well she was able to take me home and look after me as I needed the 24/7 care. This was about 12 days after I was born. About a year later they adopted me into their family I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers. Two of my sisters and both brothers lives in America, the other 2 sisters lives here in Australia in the same town my mother now lives. My dad dies in 2005 which was very hard on me. But I am now closer to my mum now. My dad was a preacher so I had a good child hood even though I did have issues as I was not into the religious side of things and still not. But anyways the way I found out I was adopted is a funny story. When I was little real little I asked my adoptive mum how I came to be. She said well do u know what adoption means. I was like no what does it mean. She said I’ll tell you the story how you came to be our daughter as u did not grow in my tummy like ur sisters and brothers.  I looked at her funny but this is the story she told me.

 I remember my mum picking my up and placing me on their bed and mum and dad sat there telling me this story :)

One day I was out shopping looking for a birthday present for your sister and I found a stuffed raggedy Anne toy and was like oh wow KC would love this, I went to go pay for it and the lady was like what you don’t want that old toy it has a rip on its side. My mum was like no its ok I am able to sew that right up and fix it and my daughter KC will it even more. So she took the toy home and put it in the cupboard to hide it from KC. Just before her birthday my dad decided to take all the kids fishing for the day mum was like I’ll stay home and do some house work but she really wanted to fix that toy.  So once they all left she got the toy out and started working on the toy and was happy that she was able to finish it before all the kids got home. Then when it was time for the party she got the toy down and gave it to her and she was so happy cause it was just what she wanted and the fact that it was fixed up by her mum meant even more to her as she knew that it was made in love. Then about a month later she was about to leave her room when she noticed that the toy had moved all by it self. She was like huh and ran to mum and was like mum what is wrong with the toy. Mum and dad went to her room to see what was going on and what they found was a little girl just laying there smiling up at them. The toy turned into you J.

I was like oh so that’s how I got the scar on my side ( I had a hole in my heart). Yep that’s right that’s how you came to our family.

I believed that story for a very long time till I was older and told the truth, I don’t hate my birth parents I would love to meet them one day. But no matter what my adoptive parents will always be my parents. I love them just as if I was there blood and they love me as if I was theirs. So that is how I found out I was adopted J


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What a great story. Your Adoptive Parents sound like Wonderful people. Bless You All.