Not All Good... Not All Bad

Like the rest of you, I was adopted (duh).  I never knew my birthparents, and I've never considered them my parents honestly.  My adoptive parents have been amazing, most of the time. They are normal people, normal parents.  We've had fights, times when I've hated them, times when I've pulled the "You're not my parents!" line.  But we've also had the times where I've needed them more than anyone, and they've been there to dry the tears, put away my fears and just make me realize the world isn't all good, but it isn't all bad too. 
Noone ever said life as an adoptee would be easy... life isn't meant to be easy for anyone.  Sure we have unique issues, but they aren't any harder or better than people who have grown up with their birthparents.  Its just how life is... So I've just taken it all and tried to live like I've been taught to.  With grace, strength and the knowledge to ask for help, like my birthparents did.
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1 Response Jul 30, 2007

What a great story! I have an adopted friend whose parents told her, "Other people have to take what child they get. We got to CHOOSE the one we wanted - you!"