Past of Horrors

the beginning was a blur because social services never gave any info and all i had was bits of info from my birth mom who said that my dad was a good for nothing drunken idiot who hit me when he could so my mom stopped him a got hit herself and he left when i was one then my mom had me fostered at the age of 2 because she had no help from my gran and the fact was my mum had just turned 19 then and could pay for my up keep and then i got adopted at the age of 4  and i have had no contact with my father or his side of the family but i have info on my mums side of the family and found out that i have got an older sister, niece,two year old sister and a brother and my cousins on my mums side of the family are jamacians which is well wicked.

flynnstone flynnstone
Feb 11, 2009