My Dad

I want to share my story of my dad, who was adopted as a newborn, in 1949 around monroe county, MI, in a Salvation Army Hospital.   We have a small family and since the death of my father in 2000-we have had 8 more family deaths.  I know few details of  his adoption except that his biological mother and her mother were the only ones to know of my dads birth. BUT that she went on to have 7 other children.  My mother did hire a private investigator to find the biological mother and found her but then she turned us down again. Saying that no one still knew of my father including all the other siblings.   My family, which includes myself, two children, My sister with a son and our mother,  DESPERATElY want to find these siblings of my fathers. I believe in my heart they would embrace us-as well as us wanting to embrace them so much.   Please if anyone thinks any of this is familiar to them or someone they know-please e-mail.


Comment to first comment: I do not want to know the mother!! I would to know the other Children she had(my aunts and uncles)  Them other children should know about this, she is making a choice for grown adults. if she only had one other child i could understand more why she would not tell them, But she had 7 more!!  I know adoption stories pop up everywhere, why don't i have a right to have a good one. Everything in my life has been a struggle. now health conditions has striken my family(after my dads dead) I would like to know what might be in my genes.  but most of all i would like to have aunts and uncles. I want to opportunity to say i am here, take it or leave it to the my AUNTS AND UNCLES not my grandmother.

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Not to rain on your parade, but don't you think that after 60 years you should let sleeping dog lay? His birth mother had a chance to meet you, but she chose not to. This has got to be hard on her.