I was adoped at around 4 months, from china. now i live in california with my also adopted sister from china and my mow divorced parents.

i would never tell them, but i think i dont particularly love my parents. i mean they are nice, i just dont have that connection to them that most of my friends have to their parents.

sometimes i feel like i am using them for money because i really like to go shopping and stuff. i spend more time with my mom and i like her more than my dad. since my mom does not have a real job (she makes jewelry sometimes and gets part time stuff when she can) my dad gives her money to help with my sisters and my bills and whatnot. also, my mom's fiance lives with us at her house and he just lost his job. my dad is a lawyer and has a girldfriend and her daughter who live with us at his house. (me and my sister move back and fourth between parents.) my dad's girlfriend has a job, but its a lot of hours and i dont think she gets much for it. so we (my sister, my mom, my moms fiance, my dads girlfriend, my dads girlfriend's daughter, and i) basically all live off of my dads money.

wow this went off topic...

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yah...except i dont know my birth parents...or anything about them. i dont even know if they are alive. i dont know if i have birth siblings. ir if i even have any living birth family at all. sometimes its hard

Sometimes, I feel the same way. I appreciate my adoptive family a lot, but they will never come close to replacing my birth family. Also, I will never love them the same why I love my birthmom. I feel the same way to, about using them. I demand and demand, and they're always giving me things and its only so that I can go off and find my birthfamily and love them...i feel horrible saying that, but it's the truth for me.