I've been in contact with my birth mom and dad and siblings for a few months now just the other day I went up to do a surprise party for one of my younger sisters it was so much fun and I loved it my littlest brother and sister (birth siblings there 11 and 9) kept hugging me and wanting my attention the whole time the nine year old kept calling me a sweet little angel and telling me she loved me and the 11 year old kept hugging me all day and didn't want to leave my side he kept telling me he wished I could live with them when it was time to go I didn't want to I have my birth mom a hug and never wanted to let go my parents are great and I love them there given me a great life I just wanted to spend more time with my birth family it was so hard to say goodbye even if it's not forever and I still talk to my birth parents every day I miss them the 11 yr old brother started texting me the other day and he says he misses me and wants me to come up again what am I supposed to say to that I'd love to go see him again but my parents (adoptive) are still having a hard time with this and I don't want to push them I don't want my little brother to think I don't want to come up there and spend time with him because I really do but how.am I supposed to explain all this to him he's having a hard time with this he always has the hardest time saying goodbye it breaks my heart every time because of how sad it makes him.
horselover8090 horselover8090
18-21, F
Aug 17, 2014