Unusual Adoption

 It all started with my mom. After she had my brother and my sister ahe neglected them until the police took them away from her. I think she got lonly after they were taken away so she got pregnent with me. Soon after my birth she started to get into alot of drugs. They said she couldn't take care of me so she got her tubes tied and I was placed into the system. Soon after, a family of midinites wanted to foster me. After a month, they talked to the angecy about adopting me but got news. My brother and sister had been adopted and the family wanted to adopt me too! The family prayed and god told them to let me be with my sister and brother. I was adopted a little while after. Now I live with my family and I love themso much. I do have anger problems which I do take out on my mom and dad which makes me feel bad but I makes me think. My mom and dad must really love me because they haven't given up on me yet so that means they really love me which is wonderful.

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Anger and adoptee's go hand in hand. See a therapist, write in a journal, write your birthmother a letter, you dont have to mail it but just getting it will help a great deal, I know it helped me, but I also know what helps one may not help another. Just now you are surrounded by people who understand the emotions you are feeling and are willing to listen and even give feed back if you want it. A fellow adoptee Terrie

Be glad you outcome was good. <br />
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I am finding out things I never want to still. <br />
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I have anger as well. Comes from my birthfather side I was know. <br />
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I have found my entire family except one.

That is such a lovely outcome in your story. The way things turned out for you being reunited with your siblings was a real miracle! Have you talked to your mom and dad about your anger? They sound such lovely people and I am sure they will understand and help you.