Searching For Nephew Who Was Adopted Like Me

I was adopted 57 years ago, my sister was also adopted 3 years later. She had a son in around 1973 in manchester who was given up for adoption. Unfortunately my sister died and I just want to see if I an trace him. Being adopted I know how hard it is to find similarities with your adopted family, and although my sister and I were both adopted I know I could fill in blanks in his life if he wanted information.
My own birth mother and her family traced me 15 year ago, and its nice knowing there is someone who looks like me. I dont want to intrude in his life, maybe just be there to let hjim know he has an extended family.

I know he was adopted by a university lecturer. I would prefer not to disclose his birth name at this point.

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2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

you do need at least a birthdate to start with. i would like to help too, if i can. i was adopted 50 yrs ago and i know it is a long search for information. i am here to help if i can. best of luck

Sorry to say but thats not really enough to find him with. <br />
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I would be willing to help you best I can but I need atleast a birthdate and year he was born. <br />
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I understand how you feel as I was adopted and just found my family as well. One of my sisters the oldest doesn't even want to talk to me or any of her other siblings. I am the 5th and youngest. 2 brothers and 2 sisters. The oldest my sister was also adopted as well at age 5yrs old. Didn't know she had siblings