Let's Talk About It

I was adopted and have so many mixed feelings about it. My life has been affected immensely because of it. Any one talking?
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me too
for good and bad

have you traced your beginnings?

I appreciate the fact that your experience was not the best. I have read just about all of the addopted stories on here this day. It is now almost 2 am in the morning and still no way to know how to feel about my situation. I see a therapist this next monday. Maybe I will get answers there.

I was adopted when I was 2 1/2 years old. What really sucks is the way the Gov. Seals up all the records. I think that when you reach age 21 everything on record should be open for you to view. I don’t think that the court system should allow adult people hid the facts of how and what they did to their children.

trust issues are a major hurdle with me.. no one in my circle understands the stuff it leaves you with. ive always felt like an alien ..wish someone could banish the whatever it is that rears its head whenever i meet anyone.. ive got two super kids but im divorced.

I think it takes years for an adopted person to "wake up" to their adoption issues.<br />

I also, I was abused by my adoptive parents and told that I was useless and couldn't achieve anything in life.<br />
Well I am so happy to achieve lots in life, but have so many issues in my life, hard to have relationships and feel totally unloved even when people love me.<br />
I don't think I know how to really love anyone.

I have always felt like an outsider with no real sense of belonging. I relate. *Hugs* to all of you out there in similar situations.

I know how you feel. I can't seem to let go of the illusions of how great my life would have been and how iy was supposed to be IF they hadn't abused and tried to kill me. I didn't realize until just now how many other's were also adopted. I've been all alone in my crummy own world all my life. I've never had anyone to talk about it with and am surprised to read that I'm not alone in my feelings. Thank you for sharing this....*hugz*

i know how ur feeling, i was adopted when i was seven, im 25yrs today, i feel so lost......

Yes, I also wonder how it changed your life?<br />
<br />
Do you still want to talk about it?

How did it change your life?