My Beautiful New Family

I was adopted when i was 6weeks old.  My little brother was adopted 14months later.  From the time i could first talk & read i was told i was adopted.  I was given books to read and was always told how special I was..  I had the most wonderful childhood and always felt loved and secure.  Being adopted was not a burden for me, i almost felt like a princess in a fairytale.  Through my teenage years i began to wonder if i looked like my birth mum & did i have any siblings that might look like me.  My adopted mum had always reassured me she would help & support me when i decided to find my birth parents.  I decided to apply for the paperwork which i completed but never sent off for years.  I felt no great urgency to search but i had the feeling that when the time was right it will happen...3 years ago my adopted dad phoned me and told me about a phone call he had received from my sister!!!  They had found me... my mother and my two younger sisters.  I was totally blown away by the fact that they had looked for ME and found ME!!  I still find it hard to express how i felt.  Four months later we met face to face at a park and we had the most wonderful day you could imagine.  Finally i can see where i come from.. my mum and i could be twins :).. and  I have two beautiful sisters!  Over the past 3years we have got together on 3 other occassions at each others houses and we have totally enjoyed our time together as a new family.  I'm really spunout by the similarities, the comfortability and the fealing of fulfillment i have found with my new family.  They are all awesome.. I feel like the luckiest duck in the whole world!  I'm alive and I'm loved ;)

raejen raejen
36-40, F
Oct 22, 2009