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It has never been a secret of my adoption. My parents thought it was best to be open, what if I had discovered the truth by accident. I live in a loving home with two parents who love me. I could have my birth records if I ask. I'm told my parents were Seniors in high school when I was born. My mother was 17 and her parents thought it was best to place me up for adoption. I feel this had to be a very hard choice to make with feelings of guilt always present. I could seek out and find my biological parents, I have several questions. Do I have any brothers and sisters? Do you ever wonder who I became? Whom do I get my physical features from? Tell them I have a wonderful life and the greatest parents ever. Thank you for giving me life. Yet I don't want to know at the same time. I know finding them can be either a pleasant or dramatic encounter. I have a friend who found his birth mother. She made it clear she wanted no further contact with him. I think it would hurt  my parents some by going by seeking my biological parents. I would be placing my mom in second place to another woman. My mother is the only mother i truly have and always will have. I love mom and dad, I know that I'm there son and always will be. At this time I am content to leave this door closed.

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I've just adopted two boys who were my foster children. We go to court on the 15th March to make it all legal and final. I've really enjoyed reading your story and to see what my boys may think whenthey grow older. It's sad, their story isn't as clean, I fostered them because of domestic violence and physical and sexual abuse so we do worry about what the future holds. I'm glad you had a good adoptive experience, I've read a lot of horror stories on here so it has been good to see something more positive. Thanks for sharing :o)

I admire all your achievements. Glad to have you as a friend. Why are most of my friends Aries ?

I think you meant "adoption," hon'. "Adaptation" is something else, entirely.

It's good to hear that you are happy with the parents who raised you and can appreciate the love they have for you. Some things are better left alone.

it sounds like your parents raised a fine son :)