29yrs Ago

I was adopted as a baby my parents did a great job raising me the only problem is my  mom cant execpt Im gay and that has caused strain on our relationship.. I found my birth mother a little over a month ago and shes fine with me being gay.. things have actually gotten a little better with my adopted mother but she wont tell me how she feels about the situation.. We talk a little bit more then we used to.. I have been in a relationship for 4yrs. I want to go to meet my birth mother but i dont know if i want to go alone or bring my GF with me.. there has been alot of arguments over this.. I could have been there and back already but my GF always finds a reason why i cant or shouldnt go.. shes disabled and i feel depends on me to much. Im lost i dont know what to do..

carfilan carfilan
26-30, F
Feb 17, 2010