Treehouse Boy

I was concieved in a treehouse when mom was 15 and dad was 18. Considering abortion or adoption, thankfull they chose the latter. I was adopted by a couple out of NY when I was a baby. I never felt conected to these people and they were emotionally abusive, saying things like "we wish we never bought you" this came out usually after I got into some kind of trouble. They divorced when I was 9 and remarried when I was 10. The next few years I grew up in the Elks Club while they were drunk and abusive. At this time int life I thought GOD hated me for this unhappy childhood I was living, little did I know I was the most blessed person on earth. The alcoholism was tearing their marriage apart again, so starting divorce #2 and moving from Ca to Fla. He commits suicide and she runs off with another loser. I always admired my friends and their families and wished with all might that someday I can create a family like theirs.
I started looking for my biological parents when I was 16 knowing that i may never find them or I might be rejected again. Read a lot of books and talked to people who had success in finding theirs-some wish they never did. What did I have to lose, I had nothing-but hope.
After 9 years of searching I found them at 25 years of age on November 1st 1995. Mom and dad ended up getting married 3years after putting me up for adoption. They had 3 more kids and now I have full blood brother and sisters. A true family that I always dreamed of and they want me to be a part of it. Better than anything I could of imagined and a feeling of belonging with true love. GOD really does answer prayers. Were all together living in the same city living happily ever after.

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What a beautiful life you have finally gotten!! Congratulations, Isn't happy wonderful.Thanks for sharing.