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As kids, we always went nude. If we wore a bathing suit to play in the front yard sprinkler, we had to leave the wet clothes at either the basement door or the back door. We rarely wore suits in the pool. I often would hike in the woods nude. One day, I was following deer trails (while nude) and apparently my neighbors wife saw me. She called my parents to let them know I was wandering the woods nude. They told me just to be careful next time.
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Wonderful recounting of your innocent nudity growing up!
Of course, as you alluded to in your story, the problem is always how to fit "outsiders" into that mindset / way of living. God bless you (and your family) and more power to you!


I am raised in a nudist family. As a kid, I didn't even had a bathing suit.

ONe of each. And they both HATE nudism.

Just for context, how many brothers, sisters did you have?

that is nice<br />
ethere is nothing wrong wtih kids being nude <br />
i nudist an raise my kids that way for them it was clothes optional if they want to be bare fine if they want to just wear tehre panties that was ok<br />
most time they were nude as i was an playing in the yard an pool

Good for you. Welcome to the club. You and hubbin should go at every opportunity.

More than that....my Grandfather was a nudist, and he is the one who taught me it was OK. Dad joined just three years ago. Did not learn much from his Dad I guess. LOL

LOL. I just found out my father is a card carrying AANR member. Turns out I have been more of a nudist than he.