Boys Feel That I Am Innocent.

I am 21 year old and I am very thankful to my parents as they have grown me up as a nudist one.
When I was small child, I remember my parents were practicing nudism all the time but nowdays that walk naked only after dinner. Its me and my younger brother who practice nudism all the time when home. Few of my neighbors too practice nude living at home.
Few times my younger brothers friends come my home to study or to stay for couple of days when their parents go on vacations. My brother brings only those friends home whom he knows well and who can accept nudism easily.
Many times when the boys are at home, my mother separates my room from my brothers bedroom so that my brother's friends can stay comfortably. I continue practicing nude living and never cover up. Many times boys become comfortable within couple of hours and few boys take a little extra time. Almost all of my brothers friends practice nude living while at home. My brother makes them to ***** off and live like us. I always behave with them like younger boys and treat them just like my brother. I behave and keep my body language as usual and never try to hide my body parts.
I notice that boys at home feel free to talk to me and they observe me and my body from very close distance as if I am not noticing their behavior. Also when we take food on dining tabe boys watch at my boobs all the time and they get my down there's view while I am sitting on chair or lying down on the bed.
Sometimes they come to my room to access internet and few boys stay back for studying or reading. Few boys to whom I have become more familier come to my room for studies as I am studies one and do not waste time. I usually study lying on the bed on my stomach. Boys see my down there from the rear view or touch my back and lower back.
Sometimes we go to bath tub together which is in the backyard. few boys have tried picking me up. I have enjoyed sitting on the shoulder of two boys. (That was another issue)
I think that as I behave frankly to all boys going back to their age, they feel that I am innocent girl and I do not notice anything. I enjoy their feeling and give them little more freedom keeping my space from them.
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A lovely recounting of your innocently nude family life. Good for you, keeping your developing sexual interests divorced from your natural and unfettered nudity. Of course, as you alluded to in your story, the problem is always how to fit "outsiders" into that mindset / way of living. God bless you (and your family) and more power to you, sweet girl.

Very nice family with the right attitude :) Mine is just the opposite: nudity is disgusting and I am mentally ill to like being nude :(
Since your name is Swisss21, are you from Switzerland but moved to the USA? I ask because I was born and I live in Switzerland

That's Awesome SweetHeart .

You have an awesome attitude!

I love that, I think, being a nudist, people will be able to understand each others well, and mostly all nudist are polite and well mannered.

most of the guys come around to see you in full blossom, and whats wrong with that, because you got a sexy superb body, and you know how to treat them and show them.

Mmmmmm.... ;)

you are a fabulous sister to your brother and a delightful example of an uninhibited and sexy girl to his lucky friends.

A nice story, sweetie!


if u enjoy nudism... then let us see wat u got... post some pics...

Being a nudist doesn't necessarily mean one is an exhibitionist.

Growing up did you live in a nieghborhood that was mostly nude? It sounds like you did. The reason I'm asking is I have a friend with two kids that is a nudist but her kids are pretty much not, and all of the kids friends are not, so I feel it must be hard for the kids to want to bring friends home never knowing if there mom is nude or not. I love being nude myself and do it as much as possible, but in my apartment or nude beaches. I'm just curious how the dynamics work out with nudists and non nudists???
I would love to try a nudist resort someday, for me it seems like a whole different level then a nude beach???

As you are not from born nudist culture, you are seeing nude world what internet shows you like nude beaches nude resorts and beautiful babes roaming around etc etc, which doesn't give a real idea of nudism. For that you have to stay at nudist home with nude neighborhood.

Sounds like you are very accepting of you nudity. You are unlikely to have any "hang-ups" in later life.

What is hang ups?

Worries, or embarrassments.

Yes indeed, quite beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


A beautiful story, Not sexual, just normal healthy living.

Great story! Every boy wishes he had a sister like you! You are very lucky to have parents who allowed the family to be nude.

Luck guys

When your brother's friends are my age, I am sure they will remember these days with great fondness!

When I was fourteen, I lived with a family in France for a short while. Although they remained clothed when I was present, one incident made me believe they probably lived like you and your brother when there were no visitors. Several of the children were in the large bathroom next to the room I shared with their older brother. We were at their grandfather's home - a somewhat run-down place over one hundred years old. The wall at the back of our closet had gaps in it. I could see into the bathroom. What I saw has remained in my memory all these years...

Three of the girls and two of the boys were in the room. Every one of them was naked! Two of the girls were in the bathtub. The youngest boy was sitting on a chamber pot (an item I had only read about in books). The other boy was standing talking to his older sister, Marie, who was standing a few feet away, As I said, they were all completely naked, and Marie was the first girl over the age of about two that I'd ever seen naked, I could not take my eyes off her beautiful, slim body! I so clearly remember her pretty face framed with long blonde hair, her slender figure with breasts just starting to develop (she was eleven). But what captured my attention most, were those few precious pubic hairs on her mons. I had never seen anything so beautiful or so fascinating in my young life - it was a sight that I have always treasured like a gift, although it was not actually "given" to me.

The difference is you willingly shared the beauty of your body with those boys and I'm sure they'll never forget it!

Thats natural. Even though I am meeting 100s of boys, i always like to steal a 'boy's show off'.
I know all boys who come my home are more interested talking to me and developing bonds with me. I understand their feelings and enjoy it too.

Wow, you and I have many things in common. I grew up in a clothing opp home with one sister, we were able to be naked from toddlers on. My mom would babysit a neighbor boy from down the street who enjoyed being naked with us.

When in our early teens my sister had a friend that enjoyed our nudist lifestyle but had to stay covered at home as she had brothers that would tease her as she started to develop. She would come to our house to be naked and skinny dip.

I'm old and gray now but still enjoy the lifestyle, I hope you do as well when you are my age.