My Parents Let Me Every Chance I Got.

I grew up in a open minded family. My parents accepted nudity and I grew up around it. My mother let me go naked all the time in the warm months. I didn't have to get dressed to go out side and had a tan all summer. Mom would sunbath, work in the yard and in the house nude. There were no issues about who saw who. I started to grade school I had a best friend who would come over to play. We went to the stream and would get muddy and wet. I would go nude I didn't care neither did he. His mother told my mom that he was destroying his clothes. My mom said let him run around nude like me and save the clothes. So after that he would come over and we played in the stream and fields in the nude. As I grew older in Jr. High I still loved the feeling of nudity. My friends from school know this about me. It was understood that I went nude at our house and it was OK with my parents. Several friends tried going nude at their house and punished by their parents. I had friends come over because of the attitude of their parents and fear of punishment. At first my parents didn't know any of this was going on. As time went by we became more open about going nude. Friends told my mother about what happened when they tried nudity at their home. My parents were nervous at first about us going nude and what the outcome could be. In High School I still had friends come over and go nude. We walked in front of my parents and any one else who was there. The attitude changed somewhat with their parents. We didn't have problems in school, use drugs, or violated any laws. It was accepted by the parents that if all we did was practiced nudity then it was OK, there were far worse things we could be involved in. I have both male and female friends who experienced going nude for the first time at my home. My parents Love each of them like their own child. I'm told the best times in the Jr. and High School years were spent at my house. There was nothing sexually involved it was just about hanging out and having fun.

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Wonderful story!!

A lovely recollection of your innocently nude family life. Good for you, keeping your developing sexual interests divorced from your natural and unfettered nudity. Of course, as you alluded to in your story, the problem is always how to fit "outsiders" into that mindset / way of living. And certainly for those of us who have taken to a nude way of life as adults, removing the societal strictures imposed and represented by clothing FEELS like a blessed return to the freedoms and natural feelings of childhood.
God bless you (and your family) and more power to you!

It is encouraging to read not only of natural nudity but also the (early?) responsibility of not giving in to 'experimentation' with sexual behavior. Especially in the teenage years when hormones can wreck havoc with a body's physiology and even teen's mental functioning, I think this story is great also and I commend the author's (morningstar45) sharing it. Hopefully no essential facts have been omitted that would alter the facts, but in any event it is up to each person to experience on their own, to enourage relatives and friends, and to respect the sharing of our unprotected, vulnerable selves.

There have been long term studies that show, when a child grows up in a nude, or clothing optional family, and is aloud to see members of both sexes nude on a regular basis, they tend to grow up with a much better understanding of sex and are able to control their hormones better. They are less likely to 'experiment' and are more likely to see nudity as just a part of life.

A child who grows up in a strict clothing only household tends to be more sexually curious through puberty and tends to 'experiment' more. This child would have a less healthy attitude towards nudity.

As others have said, it sounds like you had a very idyllic childhood, with parents who understood that it's totally natural for kids to be naked and that nudity does not automatically equal sex. If more kids, and especially boys, were raised to be comfortable with their bodies and being nude with their friends, I think our society would be a much healthier one.

lucky, its hard to believe that society looks down on the human body so much!

amazing that you could be open with it in your community, for us it still a family thing only

my family is like most familys nakedness isnt really part of our daily mom does think its bad but she knows its not acceptable in society

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I grew up in a very conservative and religious family... not that I enjoyed it... but there were no other options. But walking around nude??? In our bedroom, maybe... or running from the bathroom to the bedroom.................... Your parents are cool to raise you like that. Are they hippies???

Wow, that is an awesome story. I wish I could have grown up like that.

Wow that must have been some liberal Amish community is all I can say Morn. How do you handle your nudity with the Marine Corp? Do you just take leave and head for a place to get naked? I must admit I keep learning new things about you every day.

That is great, the way it is supposed to be. Good for you and your parents.