Blind Date

when i was in college overseas i had moved to a town where i didn't know anyone. normally i'm social but i just couldn't find anyone to relate to. on a whim i joined an online meetup group. it wasn't a dating site but people used it to find friends. this guy wanted to meet me for lunch to talk about our shared interests. he seemed friendly enough and we were meeting in the middle of the day so i didn't think anything of it.

we went to a semi-fancy restaurant where they offer private booth areas like little rooms where you can sit and chat like on a date. we ordered and the food was taking forever. while waiting for the food the guy kept putting his hand on my leg and i just kind of laughed it off and moved his hand back. a few minutes later he tried to kiss me and i awkwardly stood up and said i was leaving because i had no intention of getting physical. he then grabbed me with all of his strength and tried to force me back into the seat! although sweet talking before he suddenly got angry and belligerent and started hissing about how i was trying to dine and dash. which doesn't make any sense because our food hadn't even arrived yet!

anyway long story short i escaped. i tried to walk out but the guy actually grabbed me again right in front of the management! the management were reluctant to call the police because the guy said i was lying and just trying to get a free meal and blah blah blah.

anyway it was all very startling and the real annoying part is when i told my parents and friends the story later most people blamed me for meeting up with a stranger. fortunately my best friend was supportive but really i was surprised people would immediately try to blame me like i set myself up to be attacked. who tries to attack someone at a fancy french restaurant on a first date???? anyway i'm glad it happened then and there instead of somewhere else like on the fifth date at his apartment or whatever. still i don't feel like using online meetup sites anymore.
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This was a scary experience .i hope you are okay now