Stranger Danger, I Was Almost Kidnapped!

I'm a teenage girl, its summer time and I wanted to have some fun. I had grown pretty accustomed to sneaking out of my house at night time and hanging out with friends so this night was not anything different. Well, besides the fact that I was going SO much further than I normally do, I had to walk about 4.5 miles to a park and meet my boyfriend so he could drive me to his house. SO HERE'S THE STORY. I jump out my window at about 11:30 and sprint down the main road towards where the park is. The road was unusually busy, usually when I sneak out it is empty but there were more than a few cars out. As im running down this road a big green van coming towards me slows to a cruise and a hispanic man rolls down the window and says something to me (I dont speak spanish so I assumed he was tryna pick me up) and I say no im fine and keep walking. He pulled away and I turned around...what I saw made me run like i've never ran before. The man in the van had completely turned around and was slowly cruising towards me. Obviously I cant outrun a car so he catches up and once again says something in spanish. I say, no no I live here. And I turned into a neighborhood. I kept walking until I reached a dead end and turned around figuring the man in the green van was long gone. Oooh was I wrong. As I'm walking back his green van is slowly cruising the neighborhood streets and as soon as he saw me he pulled up and told me to get in the car (this time not in spanish) and I said no I live here. And he said NO get in the car. At that point he was undoing his seat belt and I did NOT think twice. I turned and BOOKED IT as fast as I could possibly run in flats and found a nice looking well lit house with a long drive way. I turned around quickly and saw the green van's head lights and at this point I didnt care what the people living at this house would think, I ran up to their driveway and hid behind their cars. I could hear the green van SO SLOWLY going up and down the street and then finally parking. Where he waited for me to come out for a good 15 minutes. I cant explain the feeling of sheer dread I had, I wanted to throw up; drop dead; wish myself away. After he left I waited a LONG time so I could be sure he wasnt there. And then I crawled out from behind the cars of the people who had NO IDEA that they were my heroes, and went back to running toward the park. There are so many more details to this story, lots of people tried to pick me up but none were as severe and scary as the hispanic man in the green van. I am not a religious person at all but that night hiding behind the car and running thru ghetto dangerous neighborhoods, I was PRAYING to god that nothing bad would happen. I was praying for my life.

For those of you reading this, I may be young but I learned so much from this experience. No matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, no matter how well prepared you think you are, you never know what could happen. There are SCARY people out there, and they WILL kill you. Night time is a dangerous time to be running around alone and (yes, i know, stupidly) wearing shorts. I highly advise against sneaking out at night alone if you are a young girl who is small and wouldnt be able to defend herself against a big man, or outrun his car. Always be with someone. Always. Stay in familiar neighborhoods where you can hide or at least go to someone for help when it is a life or death situation. These things DO happen no matter how much you think it only happens to other people, thats what I thought. I never thought this type of thing would happen to me cuz I am a teenager and I am invincible. LOL This experience has inspired me to buy a pocket knife or some sort of protection and to be extremely cautious of my surroundings. Please children/teenagers/adults reading this, take it to heart. I could have died that night if I wasnt well educated about "stranger danger" haha. Stay in well lit areas at night and always be with someone and in a populated community/neighborhood.

Much love,
-Aznpersuazn <3
aznpersuazn aznpersuazn
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I'm glad you're safe

Why would you go to the park after all that to meet a boy who would drive you to his house from there. After an ordeal like that, wouldn't you rather go HOME and LOCK YOUR DOOR and CALL THE POLICE? It is a good thing that you are alive today to tell your story, but if you want to inspire people to stay safe, your advice is terribly WRONG and you had more luck than brains on your side. 1. Who is this "guy" at the park you still had to meet who couldn't drive his car closer to you and let you walk that far at night alone- that douchbag is NOT WORTH YOUR TIME HELLO! 2. The psycho in the van has most likely done this before and will most likely do it again and one or ALL of the following would have happened to you and has most likely happened to someone else: ASSAULT, RAPE, MURDER. You could have gone HOME, CALLED 911 and filed a report so that maybe you could help future potential victims life to see another day. You sound either very selfish or very stupid. You are lucky to be alive, but you did little right so maybe believing that "god" saved you is not so far fetched. And maybe, just maybe you won't go out at night alone dressed like a prostitute meeting some *** at a park so he can get it in with someone's pretty, young daughter. Take this as a sign to put some clothes on and use your brain.

Shut the **** up hoe u stupid *** maybe u should show smpathy instead of being a ******* *** hole I'm 12 and was kidnapped for 3 days u won't know how it feels to be kidnaped unless u have been but if u haven't have a nice can of shutting the hell up ****

hey there, i just read your story after posting my story. as i read yours i relived the experience i had. i too was followed by a hispanic man in a green van so it makes me wonder if it is the same person. i guess we will never know. i didnt manage to get any license plates or make of the car. i hope that one day these men get what they deserve.