Almost Kidnapped But My Angel Save Me

Well this story begins when i was 13 years old
i was learning ballet for the first time so i was so excited and i had head just for ballet
it was late at night and i took the last bus going to my house
there was nobody in the bus only two black guys behind me i was a little bit scared
with my heart beating 100 time Per. Minute i wanted to call sombody just to talk so they couldnt do something to me but i realized i didnt have a cellphone (in that moment I wished I had my mom with me not in heaven)
I was scared a little bit but acted so normal but I keep feeling like if someone was staring at me
I prepared my heart for anything that might happen and after ten minutes of sitting alone in the bus one of the guys began to come closer and whispered something in my back I ignore it and I keep looking at my watch and began praying to god and suddnly I felt the other guy coming closer To me after a few minutes it was the bus stop so I decid to get out as fast as I can and started running as fast as I can but omg the two guys was bhind me I was so scared and tears start coming out of my eyes I screamed and ask for help
I couldn't reach home but my neighbour came out with his bat and run into me
he came and save me I can't thank him for what he did as soon as we arrived to my house my dad calledthe police and since then my father comes everyday to my ballet class and picks me up I love my dad
but the police couldn't find the guys but they maximize the security in our town
thanks god and thanks my neighbour I live happy
2ne1 2ne1
13-15, F
Jul 18, 2010