Almost Kidnapped At Pizza Hut

It happened when I was four, my sister and I had divorced parents we would meet at Pizza Hut in Saint Johns,MI it is now closed. My dad told me this it put things together because I had nightmares I still do. It all happened in the summer sometime where my dad was taking me up state to meet my mom when we got to the place where we met(Pizza Hut) she wasn't there. We went in in the parking lot there were these 3 ratty looking people there was one young woman who I will call Sue to make things easier and two older man and woman who I will call Joe and Sally. Well Sally and Sue came in Sally waited by the door and Sue came in. Right at that point I was at the Pacman machine and my sister was bouncing up and down because she had to go my dad stood nearer to my sister than me... Sue came in and grabbed my sister and attempted to pull her into the bathroom which was supposed to distract my dad so Sally could take me. My dad being the smart guy that he is didn't fall for it and grabbed the lady and pushed really hard up against the wall and tryed to call me but I didn't move I was confused I kept on playing the game Sally now grabbed me that's when I got scared and I got loose of her grip and ran to my dad people started realizing what was happening and started calling the police Sue and Sally got away and Joe was waiting and they drove off nobody got there lisence number the police came and did what police did. This is all true my dad told me this I have had nightmares some very horrible I wrote the same story as a comment in the story about the girl who was tempted with ice cream to get in the car I totally agree with her when I grow up I'll be teaching to my kids early on.
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

But I'm so happy that u and ur sister were safe! I'm so glad ur father knew Wat was going on! U sure r lucky to have a father like him! Give him some extra love!<br />
God bless! ❤❤❤❤❤

No wonder it closed!