My Mom Was Kidnapped

My mom was kidnapped before while walk down the street when coming home from the mall.

These 3 black guys drove by us in a blue truck cheery and whessling at mom.

They yealled at mom nothing better then a white girl dancing to our needs.

The stoped the truck and ran after mom and grabbed her and pulled her in the truck and drove off with mom mom was kicking screaming and doing anything to get rid of them but she could not.

The drove her to there house a few blocks down the road and toke mom into there basement
and they ******** mom from her clothes and made mom to get naked.

And she did for the hole week mom was missing and they ********** her and made her please her for the hole time.

police found mom 1 year latter in Toronto living with one of them as her sex slave police said mom was actully used to make them money
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Sep 17, 2012