A Walk In The Woods

I've never told anyone about the time I barely escaped being raped. Mainly because "almost" means nothing to a lot of people, and when it happened, I was dubbed a liar. But here's what happened:

When I was 11, my aunt, cousin and I headed out to my school, where there was an annual charity auction. Most of the auction consisted of walking around and bidding on things, so my cousin and I headed out back to the playground for a while. A girl from my class came up and started talking to us, asking if Jesse, (my cousin) was my boyfriend. I said 'no', and she and Jesse headed off inside together to hang out.

During all of this, there was a man, no older than 25, standing by the building watching us. Before Jesse left, I asked him to stay, and that the man was creepy. Still, after Jesse left, I stayed outside and played on the swings. After a while, the man left, and I ventured off toward the baseball field next to the playground, where there was a creek in the back. As I started walking into the wooded area where the creek was, I heard footsteps and crunching behind me. I turned around and saw no one, and continued walking, a little spooked, but overall worry-free. Then I heard it again, someone was definitely there.

"Jesse?" I shouted, sure that he was playing a trick on me.

"Jesse, quit fooling around!" I shouted, turning back to catch him in the act.

Then I saw that it was the man from earlier, ducking under a tree branch and running towards me. I screamed and ran, but he grabbed onto my jacket, and pulled me back. He tried to put his hands around my mouth, but I quickly pulled my arms through and slipped out of the jacket, and jumped into the creek, crawling up a rocky hill and into an overgrown clearing above. I remember the thorns and rocks cutting me, and the pain, but mostly being terrified beyond anything.

For a while I lost sight of him, and laid down in an overgrown patch of grass where he couldn't see me. I laid there shaking and silently crying for what felt like an eternity, praying that God would kill me before he let that man hurt me. I just laid there chanting that God would kill me. At some point I had grabbed a large rock, and gripped it in my hand in case he found me. But after forever, he seemed to have left, and I peeked up past the bushes.

He had been standing in the middle of the clearing and saw me, and began running towards me again, so I threw the rock at him and jumped off the ledge back into the creek. I made a mad dash for the school building, and once inside, leaped up the bleachers in the gym to my Aunt and hid behind her. I saw the man come in panting, looking wildly around for me. A security guard came up and spoke to him, but the man shook his head and turned around and left.

I told my aunt what happened when she asked why I was bloody, wet, and dirty, and she told me that I probably misunderstood. The man was probably just wanting to talk to me or play. But hopefully anyone who reads this will understand, there was nothing innocent about how that man came at me and hunted me.
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What the hell is your aunt stupid

thank god you managed ran away!

How frightening but glad you escaped xxx

My cousin had a similar experience back in the 1970's when she was nine. We were at a picnic during the middle of summer. There was a creek and woods nearby that's what made it so easy. She was dressed in a halter top and shorts. Lot's of girl's wore that back then. Anyway she was walking in the woods and these boys jumped her. One hand covered her mouth while her arm was twisted behind her back. They walked her near the creek and unbuttoned her shorts. One boy reached into her panties and fingered her slit. She said that before she understood what was happening he had his finger inside of her vagina. She said that something spooked them. Both of her arms were suddenly behind her back and she received several painful punches to her bare belly. Luckily they then dropped her and ran off. She didn't see anyone so she did not know why they left but she was glad.

i'm sorry but your aunt was COMPLETELY unreasonably wrong. We all know that if you wasn't a fast thinker and runner, you probably wouldn't be here today. I believe every word

why would a man need to play with a child if its not his kid

I would like you to read my story its called HELP!


I cant believe an ADULT, your aunt no less, wouldnt believe you. You did the right thing and i think anyone would react the same way so dont think badly about your self.

I can't believe the aunt would say that! Why would a complete stranger want to talk or play with you - oh yeah, he wanted to "play" all right!!! Good idea with the rock and going to the gym. You just can't trust strangers, really - the other day I was hanging out with my friend - she had just turned eleven and I was thirteen. A stranger suddenly started asking us our names. We told him, and he was just repeating them over and over. We were in a restaurant in front of anyone at the time, so I don't think he could have done anything. There was a chance he just had a disorder, (one of the waitresses said he was hard of hearing to another one) but then, you never know. We were severly freaked out tho.

That is terrible!

i believe you and i would have been scared out of my mind good thinking with the rock and going to the gym

you must have been so scared. I went through a similar thing with my friend only a few nights ago, except it was two guys and they had a three inch knife and it was at night. I've never been so scared in my life. I can't believe your aunt didn't believe you but she probably didn't think it could ever happen to someone she knows. My mum didn't really realise how much it scared me. I'm really sorry you had to go through the same thing. I don't think these people realise/care what they do to people and how much they affect us.

I totally believe you!<br />
<br />
Perhaps your aunt was naive, thinking it couldn't happen to someone she loved?<br />
Or perhaps, she down played it, hoping you would forget about it?<br />
<br />
I'm sorry you went through this!

I believe the same thing you do. He wanted something from you and was willing to do anything to get it. Lucky for you, you were able to evade this basterd