Is This Considered Attemped Rape??

I was about 7 and my brother and I went 2 his friends house to spend the nite. I was going goo because my brother's friend had a sister tht hat I was going to hang with her. But I waited and waited but his sister never showed up, only the boys 2 cousins who were about 12 and15. The nite went on okay so I didnt go home. I slept on the sisters bed and my brother slept on the same bed as his friend. His cousins were going to sleep on the floor. In the middle of the night I woke up because one of the cousins, the 12 year old, was on my back (cuz I was laying on my stomach) humping me with his pants down. I was so scared that I didnt movedidnt move at all. But wen he almost had me turned over, his uncle showed up in the doorway and made him sleep in the livingroom. I went back to sleep, still alittle in shock wen I was woken again by the 15 year old feeling me up. But wen he tried to feel me up I yelled out no. he then got on the floor again but kept trying to get on the bed and I kept saying no. I rocked myself to sleep but I dont remember if he tried to touch me while I wzs ssleep. For awhile I was.scared of boys touching me even hugs. But now, even tho im still a virgin, im a super tease. I keep having these feelings that im going to get raped because I am constantly outside at nite even tho I know there are perv in my neighborhood. I want to lose my virginity bad because I feel like being a virgin is a curse. If u dnt give it away it will be taken. Do you think these boys tried to rape me when I was 7??
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I don't think so. They were not being violent and do not get to to deep. I would say it was molestation

lemme help you with that

Why does this sound like me? :(
I'm a tease kinda. My definition might be different. But I'm a virgin. Everyone who finds out is shocked.
"If you don't give it away it will be taken." Wow it's like those are my words. I feel like me being a virgin is embarrassing, so if I won't give it away~it can be taken. .. Does that make sense to anyone?
I have feelings all the time about my childhood and if I ever was raped or molested. Like if I wasn't why the f*** do I obsess over the thought I was? I also feel as though sooner or later I'm gonna get raped. I don't do it on purpose but like you said, I kinda set myself up by walking alone or getting too drunk around guys etc...
So I don't know if you were. Sorry I didn't even answer your question. I'm just like surprised there's someone out there like me.

i don't know but i want them all over me XD

I'm so sorry that happened to you I hope you will be ok

Well, I consider it attempted rape yes

most probably

I think so. One had his pants down and was humping you, and the other one was feeling you up even tho you said no. God knows what happened when you were asleep! I doubt he properly had sex with you but he mite well have felt your chest and privates... scary