Almost Raped By a Policeman

i was out for a walk with my boyfrnd when he pulled me behind this parked buson this dark street to make out..and where u live stuff like tht isnt acceptable in public! but since it was dark we thought hell no one is gonna see, we had done it before. whn we got to leave a police madn stopped us and started getting real with us. he called another guy who from the beginning i didnt feel a good vybe for..he is police man "a" .

policeman "b" was talkin and we were tallin him tht it wouldnt happen again and tht please dont make a big deal bout it..he was like ok and stuff. while policeman "a" kept talkin to me and kept insisting tht we go to the policestation. in the end policeman"a" said he would put me into a taxi nd the other said he wud take my boyfrnd we were walkin away. the police man kept askin me stuff and gettin into intimate details about me. wanting to get to kno me and stuff..he threatened that if i didnt give him a kiss thn he would take me to jail. i told him to take me to jail then i started begging him to just let me go. because i was scared my stepdad wud find out bcuz he is very religious and strict. he grabbed me and forced hiimself on me and he was groping me..grabbing my breasts and touching my ***,,i tried to push at him but he was strong.he kept pushing his groin onto me and finally some police walked by . they didnt see us but i guess he got scared and he told me to leave. my boyfrnd  came to see where i was and found out wat happened ..he asked me to *** file a complaint to put the guy in jail but i cudnt do it cuz thn my stpdad wud find out. but he and his dad and uncle who is an officer beat up the guy really bad and mad ehim cry and beg for mercy..altho the guy isnt in jail at least he got wat he deserved..i was so scared . the problem is its only been one night since this happened and altho its still goin thru my mind, i can talk bout it normally and i am starting to get over it. i am pushing out of my mind. my friends say i should deal with it and my answer to that is deal with wat..i dont feel anything but disgust and its already happend so dealing with it wont change anything..i dont kno if this is normal or not..please if u have advice id love some

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Thank you for telling us your story. Here on Earth, a LOT of bad stuff happens to people! I'm glad that you came through your ordeal OK.
The cop got what he deserved...getting beat up.
If you want to go to the police and press charges, it would take a lot of effort on your part, and maybe get nowhere, as there is no physical evidence. If you are highly motivated to report it, and realize that nothing may come of it, then go for it.
If you feel like talking about it with others, and acknowledging that it did happen to you, but it was 100% the policeman's fault...and that he is a total jackass....if that helps you to heal, then you may want to leave it at that. He got beaten up for being an ***, and you are recovering and healing. Continue to live your life in the best way that you can, and realize that you are a good person who randomly had something bad happen to you through no fault of your own.
Which way you go: Officially report it, or move on with your life...either way is a valid choice...choose which one is best for you, and then go from there.
God Bless, and Namaste

Trying to read this is actually painful.You should consider using english next time.

Learn to write you stupid ****.

Calm yourself .

i think your stepdad will understand, but you should tell.