Drinking On A School Night

um i know alot of people are probably not gonna read this or care because its not as scary as some of the ones i've read on here but maybe i'll have more people i can talk about it too that understands. But it all started 16 days ago. It was a monday afternoon and I just got out of school, I'm 13 btw (14 in june) 8th grade,so judge if you must but whatever. My friend that's a freshman in highschool called me when i came home. She asked me to come over because she had four lokos. But my best guy friend also called me right after that asking if iwanted to hang out, so I asked my girlfriend if I can bring him over too, she didnt mind. So off me and my guy friend walked to her house. When we got there she said we had to pick up her boyfriend, then we got back to her house. By then it was 7 maybe 8 and we all drank. My friend and her boyfriend really didnt drink much. But I did enough to get a buzz but my guy friend was deffinitley getting wasted out of his mind. So were all talking having a good time and then my friends boyfriend turns to me and my guy friend (were sitting on a bean bag chair together) and says that were a cute couple. The thought of that made me defensive but laugh because we had been good friends for almost two years. I simply just replied with a ew he has a girlfriend. But my friends boyfriend didn't budge off the subject he told us we should just kiss and see what it feels like, see if i like it. I was going on about how I'm not into hispanic guys, and how he has a girlfriend, and how w'ere JUST FRIENDS. And then my guy friend agrees with my friends boyfriend. Taking my face, leaning in, trying to kiss me! I'd just push him off and tell him to stop. That went on for about 10 minutes. Boy was that annoying. Everyone just laughed it off but I was annoyed that my girlfriend didn't say anything to him or her boyfriend. My girlfriend's friend calls her telling us to come over because she had a bunch of people over (juniors and seniors in highschool) (she lived 2-3 mins away, same neighborhood) when we got there we were all just chilling, having a good time. I was trying to forget how my good guy friend was trying to kiss me. I was close to passing out but my girlfriend woke me up saying that me and my guy friend had to go home, since it was a monday night. With that, me and my guy friend walked together down the neighborhood. I asked him where we could sleep, he said his friends. so me being stupid went. ( i didn't think he'd try anything else) It's about 10:30 pm and we're walking down a dark pathway filled with bushes and trees, and well sidewalk. Suddenly he grabs my hips and pushes me up against a tall bush/tree. i was shocked and just shook him off but then he got me to the ground (sidewalk) and held me down and kissed my neck. i'd yell and tell him to stop. but he was stronger then me, he took off my shorts and underwear and took off his pants and started rocking back and forth..i wasa crying and scared out of my mind. but he was so wasted, that he'd get slower and i pushed him off and ran away. He caught up to me and i told him to GET AWAY but he kept on touching my hips and i walked in the opposite direction. He knew that I had nowhere to crash though so he promised we'd get to his friends soon. So me being stupid but knowing i had nowhere else to go i walked with him to his friends. I was crying the whole walk, swearing, goosebumps all over my body, racoon faced. Finally reaching his friends apartment area he tells me were going to a girls house instead. but he didnt tell me where she lived, but i knew who she was, so he passed out on a flight of stairs by these apartments. I knock on all of them and the girl comes out, asking me whats wrong and im bawling then feeling disgusted with myself with him, and i call his older brother telling him to pick his brother up but he says his friends little brother will take him to his house and after that happened the nice girl told her parents to take me home, they were really nice. I got home, my mom was sleeping, i went straight to my room, stared at the wall. I think i got about 4 hours of sleep that night? longstory short, because i know this is ridiculousily long, we go to school together and i told him to never talk to me again. He of course apoligized mutiple times, but not in person, i couldn't stand the site of him. I told my school counselour and mom, my counselour really can't stand him now and doesn't wwant me in 10 ft of him she wanted me to press charges. but i dont want too. We had too good of a friendship, i mean i knew if he was sober that would NEVER happen, but the fact is he did, i cant forget, but i can't forgive either but doesn't mean i want some big legal actions to take place, my older brother is already in and out of the juvenile center and i don't want to be the center of attention. My mom was understanding, she wasn't mad at me, which was a suprise. she said it was my choice if i want to press charges i told her no. and that was that. (my mom found out on wednsday,when my counselour called her) the scary thing is, im sure of it we had sex, but i don't remember, because i was/am still a virgin. My mom never bring it up and niether does my cousnelour. it's like they think im fine. I have a couple nightmares a week of almost getting raped by other guys. I cringe, I cry. What ****** me off is that he didnt't tell his girlfriend and me and her hungout on 4/20 which was 3 days before her boyfriend tried to put the moves on me. What ****** me off is how my mom thinks i can just carry on like that! I mean i tried and i guess i am happy. but the flashbacks, and the nightmares. they don't go away. I even told my mom about a nightmare i had just this last weekend and her reply was oh, im sorry honey. and that was that. It's like no one cares, maybe they shouldn't since its not as a big of a deal as i feel it is.
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if you need some one to talk to im always here and and if you have to guess your happy trust me it is a big deal.<br />
<br />
im glad your okay and im sorry that happened to you