The Only Party

I didn't get invited out much. I wasn't a loner or a loser or anything, it just wasn't really my scene. But when I got invited to a big costume party my friend asked if I would be one of Charlie's Angels. I thought I might as well, because who doesn't love dressing up?
I arrived late, when everyone was already drunk. Everyone was underage too. Yeah, it was one of parties. I had half a beer, got sick of carrying it around and dumped it somewhere. I spent a good part of the evening wondering around and chatting to the less inebriated members of the party. As it got later I started pouring people into taxis, supplying water and clearing up puke.It wasn't nice, but my friend was with me (pretty tipsy, but still okay) so I didn't mind.
After I'd scraped a miserable Mexican off the porch and lost my friend to some boy who was sucking her face off, I decided to leave the garden where the party was focused, and go and lie on the grass right next to the house. The parents of the host were downstairs, I reasoned. It would be perfectly safe. And I wouldn't have to deal with leering drunks like the guys in morph-suits that grabbed my *** in the marque.
I tripped over a few couples in...intimate embraces, which should have tipped me off that it was a bad idea, but it was pushing 2am, I'd had half a beer at 7pm and only a bottle of water since. I was tired.
I was laying on the grass and looking at the stars when I heard a group of three guys walking passed. I tried to ignore them, hoping that they would just leave. No such luck.
"Oh look at this one, she's well pissed! I bet she's up for anything!"
I can't remember what I replied, but it made them laugh. I was panicking, but remember thinking, 'If I start yelling now, everyone will think I'm such an idiot.'
I was about to get up when one of them straddled me, a knee on either side of my hips, beer still in hand. One guy held my hands above my head and the other just laughed and poured his drink on me. It was sticky and gross and I was freezing and scared.
I threatened them, but really couldn't do anything. No one would hear me over the music and they were too drunk to help.
Another drink was poured on me and they were all laughing. The guy on top of me leaned down and licked my neck and face, trying to pull my shorts open.
I was never so glad to see someone drunk. I pulled my arms free and pushed the guy off me, all three of them ending on the ground. I tried to run but heels don't really work well with damp earth.
I managed a fast stride, but they didn't bother following me. I hid, then. I hid in a bush, 2 meters down from a couple having sex. And I cried.
I didn't sleep that night. I walked around everyone passed out in the dark.
The next morning, the people that were left had breakfast by the pool, but all my appetite was gone when the host's cousin, my would-be rapist was introduced to me.
I went and threw up.
And I never said a word.
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 5, 2012

Omgg!! U should tell the host their cousin tried to rape you

glad u ran awqay fom there but wat do u mean by ur wud be rapist!

I meant the person who had tried to rape me the night before.

k. omg such situations r very hard.well i dont have any such booze party's. well u shud avoid such places. as much as u can but still u can have fun wid ur teustworthy frnz