So Close

it would be dark I'll be playing a game with Sam hide and seek in the dark and a full grown man would play to. every time he got hold of Me he pinned me down spread my legs with his knees slowly inch hisfingers up my legs but he reached too far I fell silent. I tried to say stop. mom was just down stairs I was too scared to scream for help. two years I let this happen. it's all my fault he was the father to my little brother and I took that away. I wish I could handle one more year I could have saved my self Sam or mom being hurt.
waterwolf waterwolf
13-15, F
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Children are defenseless against people who have pretty much fully grown bodies (they are stronger physically). Sometimes horrible things happen beyond our control, but we can learn from it and break that chain of abuse so that it no longer needs to drag down ourselves and those we love.