Molested By A Girl... My Story

I never told anyone this but I got fat when I was molested at 7 ...... I always wanted to be like the big girls so hang with one of my friend she was never nice but I thought I don't know what I thought I was seven...we were hanging at this place a building she had Hershey's and coke and chips I was young couldn't afford those those thing actually we didn't grow around money just fun I wanted it so bad...she said let's play a game lets resole I said okay she was siting on top of me and I said get off....when she did she said what color underwear do u have how the **** am I suppose to know this chick is werid I'm 7!.. So took me in the corner I froze scared as hell she said if I told anyone she would do bad things to me she put her finger under my underwear and yh then she said I was dry (now I know what she means) but she let me go but said dont tell never did she gave me all those things didn't eat one gave it to my 6yr old best friend never mentioned it ...most people start eating out there disorder but me no barely ate **** just lived life but I ended up getting fat as hell I'm now 230 pounds that movement in my life changed me but what can I do now right but just started cutting my wrist this week ...I was never my mom perfect daughter said shell love me when I'm skinny ...I went through a child hood with a smile on my face everyone thinks I'm the happiest person in the world but who knows me?,..I had people tell me they want me to marry there sons one day if I'm skinny..they love my personality and I a amazing person to hang around.. (Part one of my story )
Hatesbeingfat Hatesbeingfat
18-21, F
Nov 28, 2012