My Birthday Gift

I was 9 when my uncle took me into the garage to give me my birthday present so I went . He told me u have to take all of your clothes off first. I said no n was about to leave when he pulled my arm slapped me n took off all my clothes. I screamed but he covered mi arm n no one could hear me. He put this white liquid in my private part n told me he would kill me n my family if I told anyone. Then he told me happy birthday now your present was to lose your virginity u little ***** n then I told my parents n they went to the police n my uncle took out his gun n shot everyone but me so I ran got a knife n put it in his stomache my mom n dad luckily survived n we later moved to Hawaii to Maine
Brendalopez61 Brendalopez61
13-15, F
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

Holy ******* ****!! That can't be true... Nope! I don't belive that bullshaaaiit!!