Well as a favour to a friend. I went to her College Freshers ball with her in a nightclub with all her new classmates. The night started off fun. Everyone was dancing, doing shots and having a laugh. I needed to go the toilet so away I went. I went alone which was probably foolish, but my friend stayed where we were seated so I would know where she was. I made it to the female toilets alone. There wasn't a queue so I got to go quickly. As I left the toilets I walked out in to a dark corridor which was badly lit and there was nobody around. Unaware there was someone behind me I was caught off guard and I felt someone tug at my dress from behind. I got an awful fright and was not expecting what happened next. He literally grabbed me by the arm and forced himself upon me from behind. It was horrible I felt violated and ashamed. It lasted about a minute but it's a minute that has affected me right up until this moment in time. Sometimes I try to block the memory out with music, but it doesn't work. I never thought I would be a victim of rape. I was alone and afraid after it happened. I couldn't tell anyone about it. I was terrified they would judge me, look down on me, or not even believe me. I tried to convince myself that it never happened. But the mental torture was unbearable. It kept me awake at night knowing that man was out there somewhere else prowling on young women and girls. Recently I found the courage to tell my mother and my sister. I was worried at how they would react. It took so much to tell them but I now feel a sense of relief. They have since comforted me and helped me realize it is not my fault and I should never have been afraid to speak about it. I hope people out there find the courage, you are not alone.
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wow that is real scary and quite similar to what happened to me