A Night Out Gone Wrong

I'm writing this story hopefully as some form of catharsis, and to see if anyone has been in a similar situation and how they felt afterwards.

Last Friday night it was the end of university term and a few flat mates and I decided to go out. We pre-drank at a friends house, had a fair bit to drink but felt fine walking to the club, I was tipsy but can remember everything that was happening. Me and my friend Sarah got into the club slightly before everyone else, as people became separated in the queue, we then went in and brought a few drinks. I can normally handle my drink quite well and even when I've had too much I tend to become stumbly rather than black out and forget things, but this night was different...

I can remember getting carried away dancing and getting attention from a few guys, but jokingly saying I was more interested in Sarah and continuing to dance with her instead. We spent a while looking for some of our other friends too. By the time we found them, the others had sobered up and decided to go home, they asked if we wanted to come too, it was about half one, but me and Sarah said we wanted to dance and stay longer. Over the night I can remember having about five drinks in total but after seeing my friends leave can remember little else.

I then woke up the next day, I was meant to be meeting my friends at ten, but it was eleven, I had slept through 23 missed calls, ten alarms, the last of which was still going off, and had been for two hours, I thought this was a bit strange but put it down to being drunk. I was still wearing my clothes from the night before, but my tights were ripped to pieces, I had assumed this was from dancing or if they got caught on something. I then saw my bin was in the middle of my room, next to it was a plastic bag which I had been sick in, I am rarely sick from drinking so thought this was strange too but left in a rush to meet my friends.

I rang Sarah to ask what had happened the night before, and how we got home, she too said she could not remember. I started to panic as I haven't had blackouts before, and felt worried what had happened during my memory loss. I then logged onto fb to find a message from a friend from my uni course asking if I was okay as she had saw more hammered the night before. I had no recollection of seeing her or even being on the floor of the club that she was on.

Starting to panic more I went through my call log from the night before to try and piece together what had happened. I had two answer messages from Sarah, the first was at 2:20 and sounded distressed, asking where the hell I was and then another message five minuted later saying that the club was closing where was I and to meet her outside. Then about fifteen minutes after this I had rang a random number that my phone did not recognize. Thoughts rushed around my head, why was I split up from Sophie and whose was this number ?

I text the number asking who it was and got the reply hey it's tom from last night, the guy who helped you away from that rapey guy, he was seriously dodgy, are you okay now ? I text back asking if he could tell me exactly what happened as I remember nothing. He then said he would ring the next day.

Tom rang me today he explained that he was walking down the street with a friend going to another bar and had seen me with this guy. I was barely able to walk and he was carrying me away from the club to the quieter end of town where no one was, I was trying to walk away in the opposite direction, but he kept pulling me away from everyone. He apparently then slammed me against the wall and try to kiss me, I tried to refuse but he overpowered me. Tom then ran across the road and pretended he knew me, the guy became aggressive and told him to back off as I was "his" but Tom managed to pull me way back to the club. Apparently I thanked him a lot, told him I thought I was about to be raped and that the guy was really aggressive. I then found Sarah and had got a taxi home.

I remember none of this, I had bruising on my legs and head and near my eye but can not remember how this happened, my tights were also ripped which worries me. Following my call history I can guess I was separated form Sophie for about fifteen minutes, so I am hoping to God this guy did not do anything with me. All I can say is I have never been so thankful for the help of a stranger who could have walked on by and done nothing, but instead he saved me from being raped. After tom told me this I couldn't stop shaking I ran to see my housemate and burst into tears. I want to tell my parents but feel they will worry about me and perhaps even blame me for what happened. I feel stupid for either drinking so much or maybe drinking enough to be foolish enough to get my drink spiked.

From sharing this experience I hope if there are any girls reading this who drink a lot and feel they are safe out always, this is not the case, I used to think I was street wise and something like this would never happen to me, I was lucky enough to have escaped, but it was a close one. For anyone on a night out who sees a girl who is clearly unable to consent to sex, unable to stand and being literally dragged down the street, help her. I can't put into words how grateful I am that Tom helped me.

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important that people see this message and are careful

Wait but something doesnt sound right.. How did you get toms number in ur phone to call you?? He said he only helped you. Sounds a little off tbh. if the rapey guy tried to kiss you but never touched down there how did ur tights get ripped? did u really believe all of tom's story? cause cant trust anyone these days

You have been lucky, that there was somebody, who saw it happen!

Last night, I was almost raped in the women's restroom of a club. I was alone in there and when I was about to go back to my friends, a guy came in and pulled me into one of the cabins, where he would lock the door and try to take off my pants. Unfortunately no one came in during that time. We ended up fighting and I was completely flipping out until he finally gave up and ran away.The whole cabin was demolished and I don't really remember how exactely everything happened. But I only have bruises and grazes, nothing serious. I know, your case is different, you weren't able to do anything. But to all the girls out there: Try to struggle and react against the guy! This may already be enough to kill his errection. And if not, there comes a point - at least that's how it was for me - when your brain switches off and your instinct takes over. It can unleash enormous strenghts in you.

I wish you all the best!! ..

That was very close, and you were lucky that tom was there to help. Just remember to always have some friends who haven't been drinking with you, and try not to get separated from the group. Next time there may be no one their to help. Also it helps to go to places you have looked up and feel are safe. Avoid bars that are isolated form other people.

Be careful, and good luck